Facts behind old sayings about Infants.

Common myths about infants.

As soon as a new born enters a family, we start hearing many advices, what to do and what not, how to hold your child, how to give him shower, what to feed and what not to and many more.

And most of them with no disrespect comes from elders in the family. Some of them makes sense but most of them are followed by parents just because elders believe in them. These beliefs are often termed as MYTH.

Here is the list of some of the common myths about infants:

  1. Child hiccups indicates thirst: Hiccups in an are completely normal and for the first six months mother’s milk is more than enough to satisfy any thirst your child might have. Don’t even think of giving your child few drops of water in the first six month.
  2. Breastfeeding not allowed if Mom has Fever: Mother’s milk is always healthy and will never affect child health, it never carries fever from mother’s body to child’s. Unless your child has any allergy, mother’s milk is always safe.
  3. Teething causes fever: Teething causes fever only if the baby is not given clean and sterilized teethers, so instead of blaming teething, get your child to a doctor if in case of fever.
  4. No vaccination if Baby has cold or fever: This one is the most common one, vaccinations should be continued if the illness is not a sever one.
  5. Baby’s first solid food is Mashed Banana: I am sure you have heard about this one, there are more options available, what if the baby is fond of Potatoes.
  6. Sneezing baby will catch fever: Sneezing can just be a way babies clean their nose as they cannot blow it like adults. If sneezing is not frequent, there is nothing to worry.
  7. Talk to a baby like a baby: Elders tends to use child language with child, like So Sweet becomes Cho Chweet. This might be a way to show their affection but it affects child communication.
  8. Natural Products against baby Products: Turmeric and gram flour are good for skin. Parents fell in this trap and then complains about rashes and often infections.


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