How to say NO to your child without hurting them

This question is one of the most bothering question for almost all parents and many parents don’t even have the answers to it.

Many of them don’t say no to their child as they fear the child might get hurt, others do it just to please the child and some do it under the fear of their child might emotionally withdraw from them.

At times when parent say yes to every demand, children often start taking things for granted.

Such kids on growing up are not able to face failures, rejections or Denials, be it at schools, college or workplace. If parents keep fulfilling all demands in the child hood, the child will never know that the same does not happen in the outside world.

Below are few ways parents can say NO to their child in a POSITIVE way:

  1. Demand Analysis: Not every demand is fair and not every demand is unfair. Take time to analyze your child’s demands before saying a YES or a NO.
  2. Support your decision with logical reasoning: The aim of your decision should not be pleasing or hurting the child, your aim should be your child understand the reason behind your decision. And this can be achieved only by logical reasoning.
  3. Give alternatives: This is very important and parents needs to be creative here. This will prevent the child from going in a rejected mode and help him to think about alternate and multiple ways of doing things which will in turn help in making the child innovative and interactive.
  4. Help them to Plan and Prioritize: This can be practiced in case if multiple demands. Ask your kid which one according to them is most important one and let the decide what is more important to them. This will enhance their decision-making ability and also strengthen your connect with your child.

Always remember that your decision should not make the child feel negative or denied. More than any material things they ask for, they always look for the feelings you have for them.

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