Is your child carrying a Heathy Lunch Box to School?

Is your child’s Lunchbox healthy enough?

Parents these days face difficulties in satisfying the child’s taste bud without compromising the healthy elements of the meal.

Moreover, it’s very important to avoid repetition while packing the lunch boxes as repetition makes it boring for the child.

Creativity matters as your child will share these with classmates, and he should feel good while doing so.

Here are some innovative ideas to make the daily lunch box more interesting and full of health.

Moong Dal Chila – Full if Proteins health and fiber
Soya and Cheese Rolls – Add new stuffing everyday to make it interesting
Veg Sandwich – A mix of different sauces will solve the purpose
Egg Wrap – Proteins
Noodles – Every kid love them
Boiled Eggs – Creativity in presentation matters while giving them boiled eggs
Salads – Mist difficult yet healthiest one

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