Planning for a Baby? Here’s is the checklist you can’t afford to miss…

Firstly, let me congratulate you for taking the most beautiful decision of your life, Yes and that is creating a new life…!! It also comes with a great responsibility towards each other and nevertheless towards the Child.

Here is a list of things to get Healthy, Happy, have fun and prepare for a never-ending Journey called Parenthood.

Talk about Parenting:

Before you get pregnant, it’s very important to discuss the priorities, expectations, fears, anticipations throughout the entire process. It is important to have an open discussion on things like workload sharing, working vs staying home, religious traditions etc. However, you should not emphasize on things that are way down the journey like Schooling etc. as your view about these things will change as you travel ahead in this journey.

Consult a Gynecologist:

A pre-Pregnancy checkup at least 2-3 month before you actually start trying is a good idea. It will help you make sure you are up to date on your vaccines, check for any STD, Heart and other health issues, like Sugar level, asthma etc.

Get rid of Birth Control:

Getting rid of the birth control 2-3 months before getting pregnant helps you figuring out your menstrual cycle and helps you identify the time of the month when you are more most fertile. Taking pills for a long time might affect your cycle and there are chances it is not the same as when you started those pills. Your body needs some time to get the hormone level back on track.

Its time to bring out the movie freak within you:

Catch all your favourite movies on the big screen before you get Pregnant. After that sitting in the same position for long time can be uncomfortable.

Set up a “NEW FUND”

This is the best time when you should be stocking some money for future child stuffs like Diapers, toiletries, wipes, clothes, toys etc. This will also give you an idea on how your finances will go during the entire process.

Give up your Bad Habits:

Smoking and Drinking are the major DON’Ts during pregnancy. Excessive smoking and drinking can have a negative effect on women’s fertility and egg quality and men’s sperm count. It also increases the risk of birth defects, miscarriages and other post conceiving conditions. 

Reduce Caffeine Intake:

If your day is not complete without 4-5 cups of Coffee a day, then cutting back on that is a favor on yourself. The common sources of caffeine are Soda, pain medications, energy and soft drinks, tea etc. Replacing Caffeine with Natural fruit juices is a good option.

Find your remedy for Stress:

Having a stress can affect your chances of getting pregnant. Its very important for you to take a emotional assessment now and make sure you are fully prepared for this next phase.

Consider your current Job Status:

This has become the most important factor, especially for women as they have to be off the job for some time during the last days of Pregnancy and first few days post birth. Closely studying your employer’s policy around leaves and special benefits if any might be helpful in proper planning.

Ask your MOM about her days:

Moms can be a source of endless and useful information. You can imagine her perfection around this topic while looking at yourself in the mirror, how perfectly she has raised you from an infant to an adult capable to think of bringing new life to this world.

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