Positive Ways to raise an Obedient Child

School bus is honking at the gate and your child has not finished his breakfast yet, its bed time and your child is busy with his/her favourite video game, you are asking your child to clean up the room but he/she is busy with his/her own stuff.

You ask them to speed up but your voice falls on deaf ears….

Does above scenarios sounds familiar……Yes they do. Almost every parent is familiar with these or similar scenarios and when faced, parents make the most common and disastrous mistake – YELLING.

However there some positive and constructive ways to inculcate the behavior of obedience in your child.

  1. Creating the connect with the Child – Imagine this as a remote-controlled car, each remote-controlled car has its own remote to which it responds. The car will not respond to any other remote simply because it is connected to only one remote. Similarly, a child will respond and communicate with you only if he/she feels connected to you. This can be achieved by spending quality time with your child, acknowledging your child actions etc.
  2. Understanding their perspective – A simple toy may be a very small thing to you but it might mean the whole world to your child. You need to understand that your child might be emotionally connected to small materialistic things. Understanding your child point of view will help you creating that behavior too.
  3. Set up Limits – Setting up limit and rules ae also important so that your child does not take you for granted, but rules should not be only for the child, like if long conversation on phone is not allowed then it applies to you and all family members, if having dinner together is a rule then no one can miss it.
  4. Watch your actions and words – Children and good imitators so you need to be very careful what you give them to imitate. It’s a very famous saying that Parents are the first teacher so whatever you say when your child is around, how you behave, your child to imitate the same behavior and with time this turns in habit which in turns takes the shape of Personality.
  5. Reasoning – Use logical reasoning while interacting with your child specially when giving them some instructions. While asking them to complete the homework on time tell them if they do so they will get extra time to play, while asking them to sort out their bed in the morning tell them they can have few extra minutes of their video games at night. You don’t have to explain the physics behind everything but reasoning to which the child can relate is helpful.
  6. Involvement – If your child is busy with something and ignores your instructions, do not yell and expect the results immediately. Rather try to get involved and give some time to your child to finish. Make them feel that they are important, Like I need you to help in the garden, Guests are coming and I need to clean the house can you help me by cleaning your room.

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