Reasons for Delayed Pregnancy

One of the most cherished phase in the life of a woman is Pregnancy. However, for some reasons many women have to wait a long time before they could enter this phase.

As per a survey, around 20 percent of women get pregnant after twelve months of trying out.

It is important for women to attain pregnancy at right age as fertility tend to reduce with age so any delay in Pregnancy can cause anxiety.

Factors which are behind delayed Pregnancy are:

  1. Irregular Periods – This is a common problem affecting your fertility and affects the ovulation time making it difficult for you to figure out the most fertile days of the month.
  2. Unhealthy Lifestyle – If you are more into street or fat food, chances are high that your fertility will get affected. Lack of enough physical activity and exercise also affects your chances to attain pregnancy.
  3. Any Pelvic infection – Any sort of pelvic infection, current or in past which leads to pain during intercourse may have a negative impact on your fertility and prevent you from getting pregnant timely.
  4. Stress – Health experts says though it is not the decisive factor, but stress too play a role in timely pregnancy. It affects part of brain which regulates the hormones responsible for the release of Woman Egg delaying the ovulation process.
  5. Partner Sperm Quality – Though this is not in your control but its something which also plays a major role and very often goes un-noticed.
  6. Implantation – The failure of egg to implant safely in the womb also results in delayed pregnancy.
  7. Career – In modern society where women are also chasing their ambitions, some of them intentionally delay their pregnancy, although they are in good health and shape. As a result, when they decide to get pregnant, the right time has passed and they start facing problems related to their age.

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