What can you learn from your child?

We are very sure of what the child needs to learn. But have you ever though what you can learn from your child?

Here are few things to look out for :

Unconditional Love – Ever thought why your child trust you more than any other person in the world. Why he feels safe when you are around. Why he can be himself in your company. Ever noticed why your child shows his affection to you after minutes of you yelling on him. That’s because your child’s love for you is unconditional and does not depend upon your behavior towards them. No matter how you deal with them, they will always come back to you.

Spreading Happiness – It’s a very famous saying that if you ever feel depressed or low, start playing with a child and you will notice how it fills you with positivity and energy. A child smile is the most rejuvenating thing in this world and it has the power to outshine any negative thought that you might have. Want to feel it then try it….

Never giving up attitude – A child very rarely gives up, be it a small thing as a 2 months old trying put a rattle in his mouth or a toddler trying to walk. He will fail a hundred of times and will succeed. This quality is missing in even most of the adults.

Being Happy – A child happiness does not depend on Materialistic things, like expensive toys, cloths etc. He will be happy if you are with them, as long as you make them feel important. As a matter of fact, child always reaches out where he feels excited but he stays there where he feels happy.

Every day is a fresh start—No matter how was yesterday, a child always starts a fresh every morning, he forgets you scolded him yesterday, he forgets you had an argument with him, he forgets how angry he was with you yesterday.

Being Courageous—A child is the most courageous form of life. He is not afraid of looking stupid infront of people, he is not afraid of following his heart.

Being Curious – If you count how many times your child asks Why you will be surprised. We hardly notice and often ignore questions which we think are not making sense or take them lightly. But those question really means your child is very curious and eager to learn new things.

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